Posted by: Will | November 5, 2010

Freeform Art: November 5, 2010

Tonight I indulged myself in some freeform art: poetry and music.


The North Star has gone out.
Can I guide this boat
by the ambient light
of the Ocean?

The effervescence of the
underwater reef life
provides a radiant glow
but how long will it last?

My crew sleeps while
I, awake, wonder what
tomorrow brings.

Which begs the question:
How did I get on this
damn boat?

November 5, 2010
Will O’Brien


Click play. The music you hear was entirely improvised and recorded on an iPhone at my piano moments after writing that poem. I like to believe that the notes on the piano are expressing the same emotions as the poem in a different medium.

Here is my piano

How does this resonate with you?


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