Posted by: Will | February 24, 2009

Startup Corner – Building Buzz With SEO and Social Media

Startup Corner

seo-and-social-media-logos I was asked to present to a group of entrepreneurs about using SEO and Social Media to build buzz for an early stage internet startup. I am uploading the presentation as the first of a series I am calling Startup Corner.


Web startups will struggle as we continue to face challenging economic times. There are fewer sources of capital and more risk is pushed onto the entrepreneur.

With limited resources for paid search and other costly marketing techniques, an early stage internet company can build organic traffic through SEO and social marketing. This presentation gives best practices for these approaches.

SEO and Social Media In Practice

For His Catalog, we started late with our SEO efforts, in fact, after our public launch. SEO experts could cost as much as $2000 / month so we had to figure it out on our own in the early days. I learned several valuable lessons through this experience:

  • Bake SEO into the DNA of your product – it takes a while for Google to index
  • Allow users to share your content and promote your brand (e.g., ShareThis)
  • Build a following on Twitter and Facebook
  • Blog as often as you can, and about all angles of your business

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